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The Pragmatic Unit Test Runner

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I wanted a testing framework that provided the following features:

  • Pretty-print test results in a compact report
  • Allow tests to be grouped with a useful name
  • Support setup and teardown functions, and run them for each test case
  • Minimize boilerplate
  • Automatically find and run test files
  • Print results of failed comparison
  • allow natural test definition, e.g. @test 1 < 2
  • capture STDOUT during tests and only print on test failures

At the time of writing, there are the following test frameworks for Julia:

  • Base.Test
    • lacks test grouping and running features
    • only recently prints failed comparison results
  • zachallaun/FactCheck.jl
    • test output is verbose, has extra newlines
    • doesn't support setup/teardown functions
    • requires tests to use special => operator and define comparisons as functions
  • pao/QuickCheck.jl
    • very cool, but not a general-purpose test runner
  • burrowsa/Fixtures.jl
    • lots of features for handling various setup/teardown testing
    • doesn't handle printing of results or running tests
    • something feels a little overcomplicated about the fixture definition
  • burrowsa/RunTests.jl
    • handles pretty-printing test results
    • captures STDOUT
    • pretty awesome, I'm not 100% sure yet how it combines with Fixtures.jl
  • arypurnomoz/JulieTest.jl
    • pretty slick (especially test output)
    • Not super sold on the @is macro and test syntax, it's not very natural to me
    • test grouping seems very simple and clean
    • doesn't seem to support setup/teardown
  • analyzere/UnitTest.jl
    • can generate xunit XML file (not important to me, but a cool feature)
    • auto-runs test_* functions, very simple
    • setup and teardown per-module based on function names
    • documentation is a bit sparse, and example file doesn't run
    • assertion macros (e.g. assert_true) seem unnecessary
  • Vera-cus/testfast.jl
    • very small and simple
    • supports setup/teardown, applies to each test in the file
    • very compact output
    • doesn't capture STDOUT
    • doesn't seem to separate failures and exceptions
    • doesn't print failed comparisons
  • milktrader/Jig.jl
    • not really documented
    • doesn't seem to be maintained
  • milktrader/Saute.jl
    • doesn't seem to be maintained, and is quite old and undocumented

Test Runner

To set up the test runner, just create a file in your package called test/runtests.jl that looks something like:

import Pragmatest


Pragmatest will find all files in your test directory of the form Test*.jl and execute them as scripts, inside a context that will print out the results in a useful report.

Minimal Test File

The simplest test file could just be a collection of @test statements. When run with Pragmatest.run() as above, the results will be collected and displayed.

# TestSample1.jl

@test 1 == 1
@test 1 == 2

Grouping Tests

You can group tests by placing them inside a Module. You can have multiple test modules inside a single test file, or split them across separate files.

# TestSample2.jl

module EqualityTests

@test 1 == 1
@test 1 == 2


module InequalityTests

@test 1 <= 1
@test 1 <= 2


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