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Call Java programs from Julia.

Documentation is available at http://juliainterop.github.io/JavaCall.jl

Non-Windows Operating Systems

JavaCall and its derivatives do not work correctly on Julia 1.1 and Julia 1.2. On Julia 1.3, please set the environment variable `julia-observer-quote-cut-paste-0work. On 1.1 and 1.2, and on 1.3 withoutjulia-observer-quote-cut-paste-1work` set, you may see segfaults or incorrect results. This is typically due to stack corruption. The Julia long-term-support version of 1.0.x continues to work correctly as before.

For Julia pre-1.5, consider the RootTaskRepl.jl package. With RootTaskREPL.jl, JavaCall is able to execute fine without the need of JULIA_COPY_STACKS=1 with the exception of @async calls. Starting with the Julia 1.5, the REPL backend now runs on the root Task by default.

Windows Operating System

Do not set the environmental variable JULIA_COPY_STACKS. To use jcall with @async start Julia in the following way:

$ julia -i -e "using JavaCall; JavaCall.init()"

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