Write code based on other packages, but without the dependency


NOTE: This package is deprecated

This package relies on a bad mechanism for implementing conditional dependencies. As such it has been deprecated and will not be installable at all on Julia 0.6. The author recommends you hold off on trying to do conditional dependencies until it has first-class support in the language.


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This package defines a macro, @extern, which permits the conditional execution of code if a particular package is available for use. In this case "available" means that the package is installed (via Pkg.add or similar) and loaded into the Main module (via using). Note that the macro does not automatically load the given package.

So for example, say you want to make a function that includes a method for a type provided by another package but you don't want a dependency on that package. Perhaps you're developing your own package and only want that method for convenience. You can define the function like so:

# Method for a base type
function f(x::Int)
    # Do cool things

# Method for an external type
@extern SomePackage function f(z::SomeType)
    # Do even cooler things

As shown in the above example, the syntax for the macro call is @extern package expression.

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