Robot toolkit: Towards non-parametric and parametric navigation solutions


A multimodal/non-Gaussian robotic toolkit for localization and mapping -- reducing the barrier of entry for sensor/data fusion tasks, including Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

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Also find factor graph solver DOI at: doi-img

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Major Dependencies Stable Dev (master) Test Coverage Changes
Caesar.jl Build Status codecov.io
RoME.jl Build Status codecov.io
IncrementalInference.jl Build Status codecov.io
ApproxManifoldProducts.jl Build Status codecov.io
KernelDensityEstimate.jl Build Status codecov.io
FunctionalStateMachine.jl Build Status codecov.io
DistributedFactorGraphs.jl Build Status codecov.io
LightGraphs.jl Build Status codecov.io n/a
Manifolds.jl Build Status codecov.io --
TransformUtils.jl Build Status codecov.io --
RoMEPlotting.jl Build Status codecov.io


We are grateful for many, many contributions within the Julia package ecosystem -- see the Project.toml files for a far reaching list of upstream packages and contributions.

Consider citing our work:

 author =        {{P}ackage {C}ontributors and {E}cosystem},
 title =         {Caesar.jl, v0.10.2},
 year =          {2021},
 doi=            {Solver DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5146222}, 
 note =          {\url{https://github.com/JuliaRobotics/Caesar.jl}}

Administration of the Caesar.jl ecosystem is done by NavAbility who can be contacted at (info@navability.io) for more details.

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This project adheres to the JuliaRobotics code of conduct, and invites contributions or comments from the community. Use the Slack channel, Julia Discourse, or Github issues to get in touch.

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