Dependency parsing in Julia



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DependencyTrees.jl is a Julia package for working with natural language sentence annotated with dependency structure. It provides implementations of dependency parse trees (DependencyTree), a treebank reader, and implementations of several transition systems with oracles.

Install it with Julia's built-in package manager:

julia> ]add DependencyTrees


Trees and Treebanks

julia> using DependencyTrees

julia> treebank = Treebank("path/to/trees.conll")
julia> for tree in treebank
           # ...

Transition-based parsing

julia> using DependencyTrees

julia> treebank = Treebank("path/to/trees.conll")
julia> oracle = DynamicOracle(ArcHybrid())
julia> for tree in treebank
           for state in oracle(tree)
               cfg, possible_arcs, gold_arcs = state.cfg, state.A, state.G
               # ...

Transition systems:

  • ArcStandard (static oracle)
  • ArcEager[1],[2] (static and dynamic oracles)
  • ArcHybrid[3],[4] (static and dynamic oracles)
  • ArcSwift[5] (static oracle)
  • ListBasedNonProjective[2] (static oracle)

Contributing & Help

Open an issue! Bug reports, feature requests, etc. are all welcome.


[1]: Nivre 2003: An efficient algorithm for projective dependency parsing. http://stp.lingfil.uu.se/~nivre/docs/iwpt03.pdf

[2]: Nivre 2008: Algorithms for Deterministic Incremental Dependency Parsing. https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/J/J08/J08-4003.pdf

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[4]: Goldberg & Nivre 2013: Training deterministic parsers with non-deterministic oracles. https://aclweb.org/anthology/Q/Q13/Q13-1033.pdf

[5]: Qi & Manning 2016: Arc-swift: a novel transition system for dependency parsing. https://nlp.stanford.edu/pubs/qi2017arcswift.pdf